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MILLARD WEST MUSIC LIVES Volunteer Information

Millard West Music Lives is put on only through the efforts of parent, student and staff volunteers, and each show choir family is expected to contribute to our event by volunteering their time on this exciting day!

Find all you need to know about volunteer opportunities leading up to the competition as well as on competition day. 

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers for competition day can sign up by clicking on the button below when sign-up opens up. 

If you are interested in taking on the role of a Music Lives Chairperson or shadowing a Music Lives Chairperson, let us know!  These volunteers meet once a month in the months leading up to the competition date, requiring a bit more commitment than just the day of the competition. 

Student Volunteers

Each Millard West Show Choir student will be assigned a work shift on the day of the competition. The schedule for underclassmen will be released in January and shared here. Seniors will be hosting homerooms and will receive instructions from Mr. Bjornsen.

There are 3 sheets to the Student Schedule:

  1. INSTRUCTIONS - This contains some important instructions, as well as descriptions and meeting places for each job. All students (except those whose job starts immediately following the competition) will check in at the Volunteer table and then report to their meeting place on competition day.
  2. BY STUDENT - This is an alphabetized list of students by first name and your job.
  3. SCHEDULE - This is the complete student volunteer schedule for the day.

Make sure to check the schedule THE WEEK BEFORE the competition as well as THE DAY BEFORE, in case any scheduling changes have affected your position.

If you notice errors or conflicts on the final schedule, please notify Cathy Frank, Student Volunteer Coordinator, as soon as possible by using the Contact Us form on the website.

Thank you to our 2018 Music Lives Committee Chairs!

Music Lives Co-Chair: Stephanie Bashara
Music Lives Co-Chair: Jen Lempke
Admissions: Jennifer Dubas
Admissions: Stacy Claybourne
Backstage: Cindy Andersen
Amy Corey
Bus/Choir Check-In: Jennifer Griffith
Cassie’s Café: Lori Durand
Cassie’s Café: Jennifer Allgood
Fan Favorite Award: Kayla White
Finance: Darrel & Jennifer Callahan
Finance: Scott & Charlene Schuchardt
First Aid: Kim Castor
Homerooms: Paul & Dawn Gonzales
Homerooms: Veronica & Patrick Snyder
Info/Lost & Found: Tammy Anderson
Internal Communication: Amy Hinderer

Judges’ Hospitality: Mike & Paula Betzold
Judges’ Tabulation:
Mark & Anne Fuller
Allison Harrison
Cathy Frank
Lisa Cope
Merchandise: Julie Heskett
Merchandise: JeAnna Karloff
Parking/Traffic: Zack Tucker
Public Relations/Ad Sales/Program: Megan Storm
School Liaison: Gwen Fox
Security: Brad Dirks
Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Cindy Green
Student Volunteer Coordinator: Cathy Frank
Technology: Todd Andersen
Technology: Paul Hawkins
Technology: Kirk Hofer

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