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Scroll down through the page to see all of the opportunities you have to see Millard West Show Choirs in action or click a performance in the menu below to get details. 

Millard West Show Choir Premiere

Millard West Show Choir Premiere

Millard West Show Choir Premiere is the kickoff event for all three show choirs. Come see what our students have been working so hard on - new costumes, new songs, and new shows!

Check back for a date when ticket sales will begin. Seats fill quickly! 

Tickets will go on sale at a date TBD.

Monday, January 13, 2020
Shows @ 6 pm & 8 pm
Adults $5, Students $3

Millard West High School Auditorium

MW Music Lives Show Choir Competition

Millard West Music Lives

Millard West Music Lives is a spectacular show choir competition hosted by Millard West Show Choirs. We take great pride in putting on an awesome event and invite you to attend!

See awesome show choirs, enjoy great food, and vote for your fan favorite!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Millard West High School Auditorium

Millard West High School Gymnasium

Show Choir Competition Season

Millard West Competition Season

Competition Season for Millard West Show Choirs runs January through March. Most competitions are on Saturdays and last the entirety of the day. They are long days, but they are EXCITING!

Most competitions start with the Prep group division, Unisex Division, and then Open Division in the afternoon. The top scoring groups participate in finals in the evening; it's a chance for groups to see what they can do with their second wind!

Visit our Competition page to find a list of our competition dates and locations as well as host websites and results. 

That Show Choir Show!

That Show Choir Show

That Show Choir Show is the final performance for all three Millard West choirs, so this is your final opportunity to enjoy the show of all three choirs one last time!

You'll definitely want to make sure you get your ticket as seats fill quickly. 
(The link below will become active when tickets become available for purchase.)

Friday, March 27th, 2020
Shows @ 6 pm & 8 pm

Millard West High School Auditorium

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