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The Millard West Show Choirs calendar show choir calendar is a combination of four separate schedules powered by the Google Calendar service. There is one calendar for events that apply to all choirs, as well as separate calendars for each choir: West in the Groove, Uptown Girls and Swing Cats. Events for bands and roadies will be posted on the respective choir calendars.

Use the Agenda or Week view to see all entries for days that are too busy for the little monthly squares.

Directions for subscribing to these calendars can be found below. This will eliminate the need for you to enter in the specific events on your own. Just subscribe to the calendars you want to follow and you'll have access the Millard West Show Choirs calendar on your computer, iPhone or Android phone!


Subscribe to at least two calendars to get all events for your choir!

  • Your specific choir calendar (WIG, UTG, or SCATS)
  • The All-Choir Events calendar

How to Subscribe to the Calendar

The iCal URL for each of the separate calendars can be found below by right clicking on iCal URL and choosing Copy Link Address. Using this URL, follow the directions for your specific device to subscribe to each calendar you want to access. Be sure to subscribe to both the All-Choir Events calendar in addition to your particular choir calendar.

If you have a Google account, follow Google's easy directions to subscribe to a new calendar.

If you want to subscribe to the calendars directly from your iPhone or iPad, you can follow these directions.


New shared calendars not showing up on your iPhone or iPad?

  • Make sure to enable displaying your newly added calendars.
  • If you've added the calendars via your Google account, but they aren't showing up as calendar choices on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, follow these instructions:
    • Make sure you are signed into your Google account.
    • Visit
    • Under Shared Calendars, make sure to checkmark the 2 or more show choir calendars you added to your Google account. This should make them visible on your Mac device.

See dates that need corrected or updated?

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