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2021/22 Show Choir Auditions

Auditioning for a spot in Millard West Show Choirs is an exciting time and they are just around the corner! All potential show choir members go through the audition process, whether a newcomer to Millard West Show Choirs or a returning member.

Auditions usually take place at Millard West High School. The week of auditions a series of clinics will be held. At these clinics, interested students will learn the music and choreography to be performed at the audition.

CHOIR/ROADIES: Roadies will audition with choir members and are required to audition, even if they are only interested in participating in Millard West Show Choirs as a roadie. (Jump to choir audition details below).

BAND MEMBERS usually hold auditions during the same week and will have their own required audition tune to play. (Jump to band audition details below).



    Millard West Choir Room


    1. Must be a MW Student
    2. Must be registered for choir - Full Academic Year*
    3. Must complete the Audition Form (online)
    4. Email Evaluation Form to Director or teacher
    5. Sign Handbook forms and upload to Classroom
    6. Remote Students will have a different process for auditions. Look for details soon.

    Click below to see the 2021-22 show choir rosters and fall musical cast list. 

Choir Audition Details

  • Sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

    • Soprano: Key of Bb
    • Alto: Key of F
    • Tenor: Key of G
    • Bass: Key of C
  • Audition Selection

    • Perform song learned  - (TBA)
    • About 1 minute

Choir Audition Music and Choreography

Click to download the following choreography video and music files for the required audition tune, "The World Is Ours."

  • Sheet Music:   
  • Audio with Vocals
  • Audio without Vocals
  • Choreography Video with Music
  • Choreography Video without Music

Choir Audition Vocal Tracks

Vocal tracks by part for the audition tune (TBA) will be posted here when available. 

Show Band Audition Details In Same Packet as Show Choir Auditions 2021/22

  • Brass/Woodwinds/Strings

    • Brass: Major scales (concert Bb, C, F, Eb), 1-octave chromatic, F Hype (in packet)
      Saxes: Major scales (C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb) 2-octave C-C chromatic scale
      Strings: major scales (C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb)

    • Group audition tune: "My Type" (in packet)

  • Piano/Keyboards

    • Major scales (C, G, D, A, F, Bb, Eb, one hand)
    • A solo that best shows off your abilities as a musician (piano/accompanist only)
    • Group audition tune: "My Type"
  • Drums, Bass, Guitar

    • Drums only: 3 rock/pop beats with fills
    • Slow/med/fast swing patterns
    • Group audition tune: "My Type"

Band Audition Music

Download the Band Audition Packet below for more detailed audition information and all music you need for the audition.  

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