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Costume Care Instructions – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


Your students will be bringing home their costumes this week (Mon, Tues, or Wed depending on rehearsal schedule.) In their garment bags, they have a list of performance needs and costume care. I have also included the costume care below. There are costume repair tickets in the closet. Repairs must be in the closet at least 3 days before competition for repairs (for Saturday competitions, repairs need to be in by Wednesday at 3:00).

Ladies must have nude/flesh colored bra, strapless or with clear straps. Please no thong underwear or bright colors.
Guys must have white undershirt, black dress socks and black compression shorts.

Please be sure all garments are performance ready for dress rehearsal on Friday — steamed and/or ironed as needed. Everything is very wrinkled from shipping. Boys shirts especially need to be ironed.

Ladies Costume Care Instructions:

Every performance hang all garments outside bag to air out. Check for loose beads or sequins — if you have beading or sequins coming off, please put a safety pin in the beadwork to stop them from continuing to fall off. Bring to closet and attach costume repair ticket.

After every performance wash undergarments (tights, leotard & spankies) and leggings in lingerie bag, cool water, gentle cycle and drip dry.

Dresses & Tunics: Spot clean as needed. Between competitions, do not store garments in bag – allow them some time to “air out.” If you need to wash these items, instructions are below.
TO HANDWASH: Fill a clean bathtub with cool water and a little mild detergent. Gently swirl the garment being extra careful of sequins, beads and other embellishments. Drain & rinse with cool water. Take a couple of clean bath towels, roll the garment in the towels to absorb some of the water (do not wring), then hang to dry. Once dry, use a steamer to remove wrinkles.

Guys Costume Care Instructions:

Every performance hang all garments outside bag to air out. Inspect costume for loose buttons, seams, etc. If you need repairs, be sure they are brought to the costume closet and attach a costume repair ticket with details.

Every performance, wash undergarments (compression shorts, undershirt, socks) and dress shirts.

Dress shirt can be machine washed, gentle cycle, cool water. Drip dry & iron/steam. (You can put this in a cool dryer for a few minutes to help eliminate wrinkles.) Yes, it does say dry clean only – I have washed these, it is okay.

Suit pieces – take to a trusted dry cleaner only as needed. You can use an odor eliminator spray on inside of jacket if needed.

NEVER EVER IRON THE VELVET SUIT. If you must take that suit to the cleaners, be sure they are instructed to not press the suits. Hot iron/pressing will crush the fibers and ruin the suit. These are custom made suits and cannot be quickly or inexpensively replaced.

Your costume is Your responsibility! Be diligent! Be thorough! You will not perform with missing or damaged costumes.

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