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WIG Calendar Updates

We were finally able to come to a consensus with Stephen Todd with the WIG choreo schedule and there are a handful of changes you need to be award of.


Sun-Tues, Aug 28-30. We are now going to begin our choreo on Sunday afternoon. Two weeks from today. If you have a conflict, please let Mr. Young or I know. We realize that this change is short notice, but we’re hoping everyone can make it. Again, if you have issues, please communicate with us.

Sun-Mon, Sept 4-5. This is also a slight change, going Sun-Mon, instead of Mon-Tues.

Mon-Tues, Sept 12-13. This is an added choreo camp.

Mon-Tues, Oct 17-18. No change from original calendar.

Mon-Tues, Nov 7-8. This is an added choreo camp. In theory, we will have the entire show choreographed already and will use this time to clean and polish.

Tues, Jan 3. Clean-up. No Change from original calendar.

All of these changes have been reflected in the show choir website calendar. As we determine more specific times and details, we will let everyone know.

Thank you for your understanding with these calendar modifications.

Mr. B & Mr. Young

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