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Cedar Rapids Kennedy “Raise the Roof” Results- February 27, 2016

We road tripped to Eastern Iowa to perform at the Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School’s “Raise the Roof” Competition on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

It was a long and exciting day and the teams all represented well! Incredible competition at all levels.

Here are the results:

SCATS – some great performances in the Prep Division

UTG – 3rd place in the Prep Division and Best Band – Prep Division

WIG – 3rd place in the Open Day Awards and 4th place in Finals. Won Best Tech Crew.


From Mr. B:

I make it a point to rarely, if ever post about my show choir competition adventures with my amazing kids at Millard West, but today is different.


As I sit here on the bus, still 2 hours from home, I could not be more proud to be a part of this unbelievable program!! What a gift!!


We spent the day at Cedar Rapids Kennedy and were given the wonderful opportunity to show our true character.


We hit some adversity today and time after time, these kids showed rose to the challenge.


Swing Cats had a fantastic performance! …but did not place in the prep division. SCATS held their heads high, gave standing ovations to all awesome groups awarded, cheered their hearts out for the rest of their MW show choir family all day long and continued to smile and show great character & pride. Thomas Young has instilled great values in that group and it showed over and over again today!!


Uptown Girls had a fantastic performance, winning Best Band in the prep division (An amazing Feat!) …but for the first time since FAME National Finals in 2013, did not win their division, placing 3rd in prep. UTG held their heads high & lifted each other up. THEY talked about how it’s not about trophies. THEY talked about how proud are they are to be Uptown Girls, and of course how much they love Anne Chapman! These girls continue to amaze me on and off the stage. They are everything that is right about show choir.


West in the Groove had their best performance to date during prelims, qualified for Finals in 3rd behind two of Iowa’s absolute BEST, and took home Best Tech Crew. They performed as one, everything just clicked…it was INCREDIBLE!! Somehow WIG turned in an even BETTER performance for finals! …but went from a virtual tie for 2nd (tie-breaker gave us 3rd officially) to finishing 4th overall. A very tough pill to swallow.


I watched these WIG kids applaud their own placement, give standing ovations to all groups placed ahead of them, hold their heads high, congratulate Johnston individually over and over again in the hallway.


Were they disappointed, of course; confused, absolutely; but they put all of that aside to make sure our Johnston neighbors across the hall know that they were happy for them and supportive of them.


There is just something incredibly special about Millard West! All day long I watched our kids applaud/congratulate groups that just performed, wish groups good luck on their way to warm-up, meet kids from other schools and talk about all the awesome things they loved about each other’s shows! WIG was literally standing outside the gym waiting to take the stage for their performance and instead of focusing on their own show, they cheered/applauded/high-fived every single Johnston Innovation member as they walked by following their performance. Show choir has always been about family, and that family absolutely goes beyond our own MW walls!


So many parents/families made the 4 hour trek to support us! It’s just amazing!!


Millard West Show Choirs, thank YOU! Thank you for bringing so much color into this world!!

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